Shell And Shore

The Story Behind Our Swimwear

Welcome to Shell and Shore, where every body is celebrated and beach days are made effortlessly chic. We're not just a swimwear brand; we're a community of confident, body positive and empowered females. At Shell And Shore Swimwear, we understand females struggles, as Rachael is also a fashion stylist, she has experienced the woes women face when shopping for swimwear time and time over. Rachael has watched and listened, so during the design process, women feeling confident and perfect flattering fits for all body types are at the essence of every piece. Rachaels mission is to create a sea of dangerously strong and confident women. Women who used to put on swimwear and feel conscious, will now feel excited to put on their swimwear. Knowing that every wear, will perpetrate more inner confidence and empowerment.

Founded and designed by Rachael in Byron Bay, Shell and Shore is a size-inclusive swimwear brand born out of a passion for creating swimwear that truly resonates with women of all shapes and sizes. Our journey began with Rachael, a personal stylist who was sick of watching women try on swimwear and feel ashamed to look in the mirror. So, Rachael began to ask a simple question: What do women really want and need in swimwear? The answer became the foundation of our brand – swimwear that not only fits well but makes every woman feel incredible.

Our designs are a result of conversations with real women. We've listened to your desires, understood your concerns, and translated them into swimwear that flatters, supports, and embodies the spirit of every beach-loving soul. From vibrant patterns to timeless classics, each piece is crafted with precision and care to cater to a diverse range of tastes.

But with fashion styling in her heart, Rach didn't stop at swimwear. At Shell and Shore, we believe in the power of coordinated and elevated style (no matter what the occasion.) For this reason, we created an exclusive line of beautiful, bright matching round beach towels. Our luxury line of beach towels were purposefully designed using microfibre, for lasting softness as well as practicality. Microfibre is an amazing material as it is folds up much more compact than a regular towel and it is lightweight and quick-drying, perfect for every day use and travel. Our luxury beach towels are designed to complement your swimwear seamlessly. Whilst also being extremely long lasting and practical for every day use.

And for those gorgeous women, who love to express their unique personality beyond the shoreline, we thought of you too! Our collection also includes an exclusive line of fun, stylish pattern iPhone cases. We know, that style is a 360-degree experience, and we want you to carry a piece of Shell and Shore with you wherever you go!

Join us in celebrating the beauty of diversity, self-expression, and the joy of stunning, warm weathered days! Be a part of something bigger than just swimwear, a community of fierce and dangerous women!

Dive into the world of Shell and Shore – where swimwear is more than just fabric; it's a reflection of your unique style and confidence. Explore our collection today and begin your seaside adventure with confidence!