Celebrate Your Curves: No More Shopping At The Back Corner Of The Local Department Store!


Model wears size XL (14 AU) bikini and XXL (16 AU) Swim Skirt 


Hello! To our beautiful community of beach enthusiasts! We're excited to introduce our latest collection at Shell and Shore - swimwear designed with genuine care by Rach, a fashion stylist who recognised the challenges women face in finding swimwear that truly complements their bodies. Our swimwear goes far beyond aesthetics; it's a sincere response to the disheartening frustrations many women encounter during their quest for the perfect fit.

A Genuine Embrace of Comfort and Style: Offering Less Coverage, More Choices

Shell and Shore emerged from a commitment to empower women to confidently embrace their curves. Our swimwear collection offers options with less coverage, designed to showcase and celebrate the unique shapes of women. The focus is on individuality and providing choices that make every woman feel fabulous in her own skin.

Swim Skirts: Elevating Style with Practicality

For those occasions when additional coverage is preferred, our swim skirts are a versatile solution. Crafted for water wear, these skirts add a touch of style while ensuring coverage. Our emphasis on choices ensures that women can feel empowered, regardless of their swimwear preferences. Rach designed our Swim Skirts to be warn two different ways- high waisted for tummy control or, alternatively you can tighten the draw string to beautifully shape the waist. Creating the illusion of a super snatched waist! 

Tailoring Comfort: Adjustable Straps, Flexible Underwire, and Removable Padding

Shell and Shore swimwear boasts adjustable straps, flexible underwire, and removable padding to guarantee the perfect fit for all cup sizes. Recognising the uniqueness of every body, we offer pieces sold separately, allowing for mix-and-match possibilities to suit individual preferences.

High Waisted Swim Shorts: Blending Confidence with Comfort

Our high-waisted swim shorts are designed for those seeking additional coverage without compromising style. Bid farewell to the discomfort of feeling exposed, and embrace confidence and comfort with Shell and Shore.

One Piece Wonder: A Collaborative Design Approach

Our one-piece swimsuit stems from genuine conversations with women, ensuring that their preferences are at the forefront. No more basic black or 'grandma prints' - we embrace fun prints and patterns! Adjustable straps, flexible underwire, ample coverage, and prioritised tummy control make each piece tailored to meet the diverse needs of real women- of all ages! Our one pieces will be a staple in every women's wardrobe!

At Shell and Shore, our mission goes beyond providing swimwear; we aim to offer a solution to the common frustrations experienced by women when shopping for swimwear. Dive into authentic comfort, choose your style, and let your confidence radiate with Shell and Shore Swimwear.

Because every body is a beach body! 🌊✨


Love always,

Rach xx

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